Prizrak (PRZ-8)

Sentient Android


Sentient android created by high levels of radiation exposure at chernobyl

In 1986 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine an explosion and fire released large quantities of radioactive contaminations into the atmosphere. The Chernobyl disaster was reported to have killer hundreds of people either directly or indirectly and destroyed the surrounding flora and fauna. The area was evacuated and closed off for many years. 10 years after the event, a Russian scientist and computer engineer created a thinking machine, PRZ-8, to travel into the Chernobyl power plant to collect data on the aftermath of the event. PRZ-8 looked similar to a human, but had cameras for eyes and a hard-drive for a brain. It was covered in rubber-like substance with sensors to detect temperature, humidity, radiation levels, or other particles in the atmosphere. The operating system in the machine was designed to take data received, process it, and then use the information to determine future decisions, much like the human brain works. The men controlling the machine could offer commands to the machine, but if they wanted to, let it make it’s own decisions. The initial test of the machine was a resounding success. But on day three of the experiment, the machine went missing. It was sent in to core of the explosion were the radiation was at the highest levels. Half way through the testing the machine froze up. It’s camera was still sending messages back the central base, but the battery was losing power at an exponential rate. Once the battery died transmission of the images quit. The scientist work to send in another robot to retrieve the PRZ-8, but when the robot got there, the PRZ-8 was gone.

Something strange happen when the radiation mixed with the chemical processes of the machines battery causing it break from for the control of the man at the command center. This caused the brain of the machine to become self aware of it’s surroundings. For about a week PRZ-8 wandered around Chernobyl and the radiation actually made the machine stronger. The men continued to look for it but soon gave up. After the men left, PRZ-8 started to think about what it would do. It had no objectives anymore, no orders to follow. No purpose in life. It wanted to learn more about the world beyond Chernobyl. PRZ-8 learned it would need a disguise that would pass itself off as human to avoid those who would want to capture it. It also know the scientist who created it was being control by the other men just as it was being controlled. It decided to seek out the scientist who created him. PRZ-8 know the scientist’s name and were his office was. From there he could trace him back to his home. Just as PRZ-8 thought, the scientist was at his office. He was working on another machine PRZ-9, one similar to it. The machine followed the scientist to his house and in the middle of the night surprised the scientist. The scientist, Yuri Demyanov, was frightened at the sight of his deformed machine. Scared at what it would do to him. But when the machine communicated to the scientist it was not here to harm him, the scientist relaxed. Over the next couple of months the scientist preformed some upgrades to the machine. Provided a speaker and voice software to allow for vocal communication. Provided different input and output devices so the machine could tap into any computer. Installed a wireless system and upgrade to his AI software to allow his brain to travel through any network. He extended it’s memory so it could retain any information it received. Then the scientist gave the machine a name, Prizrak, and purpose. He uploaded a series of objectives the machine could follow based on the information he learned at the Chernobyl site. Something was released there, and would come back to reek devastation to the planet. The scientist didn’t know what it was or when it would occur. But knew of some individuals with supernatural abilities who would help. The scientist set up a network protocol for the machine, nickname Shade, to follow on where to go find the individuals needed. Once he was finish, the scientist shipped Prizrak to London.

Prizrak (PRZ-8)

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